How Much Is A Diamondback BMX Bike Worth

How Much Is A Diamondback BMX Bike Worth

The average price of a Diamondback BMX bike is between $100 and $3900, both new and used. On average, I found diamondback bikes listed on eBay for as little as $100 and as much as $3900. Factors affecting Diamondback BMX bikes include but aren’t limited to the design and model, the size, and the quality of components.

I remember when I wanted to buy my Diamondback Viper BMX bike. This slick ride cost me $350, and chatting with the shop owner shed light on why it costs that much. She explained that the Viper’s quality components, sturdy frame, and reputation for durability justified the price. The high-quality materials used in crafting the bike, combined with the brand’s legacy in the BMX scene, contributed to its value. It was a purchase driven by both my love for biking and an understanding of the factors that make a ride truly exceptional, and it was well within my budget.

In this article, I will shed some light on some factors that can affect the value of a Diamondback BMX bike and some case studies of bike enthusiasts’ valuation. I will also give you tips and guide you in case you want to resell, so you can get a befitting resale value.

Here’s a table showing some Diamondback BMX bike models with their prices and status as seen on eBay:

ModelPriceStatus (new or used)
Diamondback Venom BMX Freestyle Bike$290.00Used
20″ Diamondback Joker Freestyle BMX Bike$159.49Used
Diamondback Joker BMX Bike$600.00New
Diamondback Mini Vioer Youth BMX Bike$119.99New
Diamondback Grind BMX Bike$85.00Used
Diamondback Session AM BMX Bike$175.00Used
2002 Fester Diamondback BMX Bike$300.00Used
Diamondback Remix BMX Bike$164.88Used

Factors That Affect the Value of a Diamondback BMX Bike

When it comes to evaluating a Diamondback BMX bike, some factors come into play in determining its value. These factors can include the condition the bike is in, its build, or the rarity of the model of the bike.

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Condition of the bike

The condition of a Diamondback BMX bike is one of the important factors you can use to determine its value. A well-maintained bike with minimal wear, scratches, or rust is generally more valuable than one that’s heavily used and damaged.

For instance, when I tried selling my old bike with fresh paint, undamaged decals, and smoothly functioning components, it sold for a higher price than my brother’s, which was a bike with worn-out tires, rusted chains, and chipped paint. My brother’s bike was considered less valuable due to the potential costs of refurbishing the old parts after sale.

So, the better the condition of the bike, the higher the potential value!

When it comes to bikes, the condition can be categorized into three main levels: new, gently used, and heavily worn, with each level having a distinct impact on the bike’s value.

  1. New Bikes: A new BMX bike is one that has been untouched—with no signs of use. It retains its original components, paint, and decals. New bikes hold the highest value, as collectors and enthusiasts often seek them out, especially for testing purposes. Their rarity and untouched state make them a desirable choice, potentially commanding the highest prices.
  2. Gently Used Bikes: Gently used bikes show minimal wear and tear. They might have some minor scratches or scuffs from regular use, but overall, they are well-maintained. Gently used bikes, like my old bike, can still hold a good portion of their original value, especially if they’ve been taken care of properly. Buyers appreciate bikes in this condition for being relatively close to new while offering a more affordable option.
  3. Heavily Worn Bikes: Heavily worn bikes have substantial signs of wear and damage. They could have rust, faded paint, worn-out components, and visible scratches. These bikes, like my brother’s old bike, generally have the lowest value due to the extent of their wear. However, if the bike has historical significance or is a rare model, like vintage bikes, even heavily worn ones might hold some value among collectors or those looking for restoration projects.

Rarity and Limited Editions

Limited editions or discontinued models of Diamondback BMX bikes often command higher values due to their scarcity. Here’s why:

  1. Exclusivity and rarity: Limited edition or discontinued models are produced in smaller quantities compared to regular models. This exclusivity creates a sense of rarity that appeals to collectors and enthusiasts. People are often willing to pay more for something that is unique and not easily available.
  2. Collectibility: These special models can become sought-after collector’s items. As time goes on, the availability of these bikes diminishes further, making them even more desirable among collectors who want to own a piece of BMX history.
  3. Nostalgia and Sentiment: Discontinued models can evoke feelings of nostalgia among those who remember the bike’s original release. This emotional attachment can drive up demand and subsequently increase the bike’s value. People are often willing to pay a premium to relive a piece of their past.
  4. Investment Potential: Some buyers view limited-edition or discontinued models as investments. They anticipate that the bike’s value will appreciate over time, especially if the brand or model gains cult status or becomes highly sought-after.
  5. Supply and Demand Dynamics: The basic economic principle of supply and demand comes into play. When supply is limited, and demand remains high due to the abovementioned factors, prices tend to rise. This is particularly true in the world of collectibles.

Some Diamondback BMX Bike Limited Editions that might contribute to their rarity include:

  1. Diamondback Sortie Black Limited Edition: The Diamondback Sortie Black Limited Edition is a prime example of a special release that has garnered attention for its rarity and unique features. This 2009 limited-edition mountain bike stands out with its distinctive design and performance-oriented components. Here are the specifications of this bike:
  • Price: $5,200
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs.
  • Sizes: 15.5, 17, 19, and 21-inch
  • Colors: Black
  1. Diamondback 2011 Response Sport Mountain Bike Bicycle Limited Edition: This 2011 mountain bike is one of the famous limited editions. Apart from being a rare model, word on the street is that its components are quite cheap for a rare piece. Here are the specifications of this bike:
  • Price: $600
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Sizes: 14 in., 26 in.
  • Colors: matte blue
  1. 1983 Diamondback Harry Leary Turbo: This limited edition was made for the Stranger Things Season 3 release—a touch of nostalgia for the biking world. The Season 3 character bike collection was a celebration of both the show’s captivating storyline and the vibrant biking culture of the ‘80s.
  • Price: $1,250
  • Wheel Size: 20 in.
  • Head tube size: 1 in.

Selling and Appraising a Diamondback BMX Bike

Selling a Diamondback BMX bike at its true value involves a few strategic steps. They are:

  1. Ensure your bike is in excellent condition. Clean it thoroughly, address any minor issues, and replace worn components if needed.
  2. Find out the current market value of your specific Diamondback BMX model. Consider factors like its age, condition, and any unique features it might have.
  3. Highlight the bike’s standout features, like special components, design elements, or any modifications you’ve made.
  4. Create a detailed listing that includes high-quality photos from various angles. The listing should engage your potential buyers and provide all the necessary information they might need.
  5. Write an honest and accurate description of your bike’s condition, history, and any upgrades.
  6. Price your bike competitively based on your findings and its condition. Avoid overpricing or undervaluing it. Be open to negotiation while ensuring you’re still getting a fair value for your bike.
  7. Select an appropriate platform for selling, whether it’s an online marketplace, classified ads, or social media groups.

Engaging BMX communities, forums, or marketplaces while selling your Diamondback BMX bike gives you concentrated exposure to enthusiasts, credibility within the niche, and the chance to tap into expert insights. These platforms increase visibility, aid in showcasing your bike’s unique features, and provide a supportive network for a smoother selling experience.

For exceptionally valuable bikes, it’s wise to consider professional appraisals. A professional appraisal ensures you accurately determine your bike’s worth, especially if its uniqueness or historical significance require technical evaluation. This step can provide confidence in pricing and attract serious buyers who recognize the bike’s true value.


In conclusion, determining the value of your Diamondback BMX bike may look quite technical, but from this article, you have seen easy steps to do it. It’s a mix of finding out your bike’s features and condition, the brand’s reputation, and expert advice.

Whether it’s a shiny $350 gem like the one I got or a more pricier model, the true value goes beyond the price tag. One thing you should take away from this is that a highly valued bike can be a new bike or a worn-out vintage bike.

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