Is Source BMX Legit? Detailed Review

Is Source BMX Legit

Yes, Source BMX is legit and not a scam. It is a legitimate and reputable company within the BMX industry, with a strong presence in the BMX community. They have established themselves as a trusted retailer and hub for BMX enthusiasts. Their numerous awards, affiliations, rider sponsorships, and contributions to the BMX culture all contribute to their credibility.

I saw this discussion on forums and decided to test out this retailer to confirm if they are legit or a scam. I made a few orders, and most of them came in within a few days. When I was searching for quality BMX gear, they came through for me. Their wide selection and detailed product descriptions made my choice easier. Their delivery was on time; some even came before the slated time. And when I wanted to track the goods, I simply reached out to contact support, and their professionalism made me confident in their legitimacy. Source BMX isn’t just a retailer; they’re a credible hub for riders like me who demand authenticity and top-notch service.

In this article, I will be sharing with you concrete information on Source BMX, like their history, product quality, awards and affiliations, customer reviews, and expert opinions about them. By the time I am wrapping up the article, you will have no cause to doubt Source BMX. So, let’s start.

Company Overview:

Two brothers, Marc Moore and Rich Moore, founded Source BMX in 2003. Source BMX is more than just a BMX shop; it’s a global hub for all things BMX-related. With its origins in Hastings, UK, Source BMX quickly established itself as a central figure in the BMX community. The founders’ shared passion for the sport laid the foundation for a shop that would sell products and nurture the BMX culture.

Marc and Rich’s mission was clear: to provide riders like you and me with a welcoming environment and a wide array of products—BMX parts and accessories ranging from frames, drivetrains, wheels, forks, stems, and seats to brake cables—that catered to our needs. Over the years, Source BMX has evolved to become a global player in the industry, with an impressive online presence that connects riders from all corners of the world.

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Their online presence has played a significant role in this expansion. By offering a vast online store, Source BMX has been able to serve riders worldwide, allowing enthusiasts from different countries to access their products and expertise. This move not only boosted their sales but also solidified their status as a leading BMX retailer on a global scale.

This commitment to fostering the BMX community is evident in their annual Battle of Hastings event, where top riders from around the globe come together to showcase their skills and celebrate the sport. Source BMX’s influence extends beyond retail, as they sponsor riders, host events, and contribute to the growth of BMX through their engaging content and collaborations.

In terms of its current standing, Source BMX is widely regarded as a go-to destination for BMX enthusiasts, both for purchasing products and staying updated with the latest trends. Their focus on community engagement, rider sponsorship, and content creation has brought growth to BMX. Ultimately, it has also helped them maintain a strong presence on social media platforms, reinforcing their position as a thought leader in the industry.

Source BMX has garnered several notable awards, recognitions, and affiliations that underline its credibility within the BMX industry. Some of these include:

  • The 2018 Queen’s Award for Enterprise
  • The Battle of Hadtings Bmx Competition
  • Outstanding Contribution to the Community Award
  • Official BMX retailer for the Vans BMX

Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

Here’s a thorough representation of customer reviews and testimonials from various sources, including the Source BMX website, social media, and independent review platforms.

From TrustPilot, which is the official review site for Source BMX:

From Reddit:

Another review from Reddit:

From the above reviews, most of the customers who have patronized Source BMX are satisfied with their service. However, the few negative reviews would also raise eyebrows.

I have been able to pick out two negative points, and I’ll share suggestions on how they can be fixed on both the company’s end and the customer’s end.

  1. Delayed Goods: In the above reviews, someone complained of not getting his goods on time, and here’s what I have to say. The company should give a clear delivery period that matches what they can work with in order to not disappoint the customer. The customer on the other end should know that delivery is usually on business or working days, so when they say 8 working days, that means two weeks. Also, try to track your goods over time.
  1. Faulty or unwanted goods are not refundable. Another issue that was raised was not being able to refund faulty or unwanted products. I feel like this is something that the company should look into and fix. However, customers should make sure that the goods haven’t been tampered with before filling out the return form.
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Product Quality and Selection:

Source BMX is known for offering a wide range of BMX products, including bikes, bike frames, bike parts, accessories, and apparel. Their product variety covers different skill levels and riding styles, catering to both beginners and experienced riders.

According to reviews from TrustPilot, 88% of 10,830 customers have rated Source BMX 5 stars, stating that their delivery came on time and talking about the quality of their products.

Customers who gave 1-3 stars, on the other hand, talked about a major thing: their goods not being delivered at the set time.

Here’s a YouTube video on their product insights:

Source BMX is known to partner with the best BMX brands around the world. Some of which include:

  • Ride BMX UK
  • Case BMX
  • Mongoose BMX
  • Jet BMX
  • GT BMX
  • United BMX

Pricing Transparency:

Below is a table comparing the price of Source BMX products with other brands:

Source BMX£159.99£239.99£259.99
eBay£219.47£271.27£158.97 (Used)
Evans Cycles£279.00

As you can see in this table, they have a wider range of products, and they are quite affordable, having one of the best prices here.

Customer Service and Support:

Source BMX is popular for offering accessible and responsive customer support. Their communication channels are via phone, live chat, and postal address. Customers have testified to receiving timely and knowledgeable responses. The professionalism of their customer representatives is top-notch, and I have experienced it firsthand. They also engage with customers on social media sites like Instagram, enhancing their reach. For the latest information, check their official website or contact their customer support directly.

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If you decide that you don’t need the product you bought anymore or if you want to give it back, you can return it for an exchange or get your money back within 90 days from when you first bought it. Just make sure the product is not used, is still in its original box, and that you have a valid receipt or order number.

When you send the product back, you’ll need to pay for shipping. So, before you buy, take a look at our buyer’s guides and ask any questions about size or anything else you’re not sure about. Please remember that their policy doesn’t cover your custom-made BMX bikes, custom wheels, or free gifts that came with your purchase. Check out more about this on their page.

Every item you buy from Source BMX comes with a warranty. The warranty depends on the brand and the product you purchase; each warranty is handled separately.

Accreditations and Affiliations:

Source BMX has garnered industry-related accreditations, affiliations, and partnerships that keep pushing its credibility to the public. Some of which are:

  • A Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Brighton
  • An exclusive e-commerce partnership with Ride BMX
  • A £5.7 million investment from BGF
  • An affiliate and partnership program

Industry-related affiliations contribute significantly to Source BMX’s legitimacy and reputation. These affiliations serve as a stamp of credibility, indicating that the company is recognized and respected within the BMX community. By aligning with well-known organizations and events in the industry, Source BMX showcases its expertise and understanding of BMX trends, solidifying its position as a trusted source for products and information.

These affiliations also validate the company’s commitment to quality and excellence. Awards, partnerships, and accreditations act as external validations, assuring customers like you and me that their choice to engage with Source BMX is a reliable one. Moreover, being affiliated with reputable entities provides networking opportunities, enabling collaborations and opening doors to new opportunities within the industry.

Active involvement in community engagement through affiliations, such as event organization and sponsorship, like with the Battle of Hastings, not only nurtures a sense of community but also highlights Source BMX’s dedication to the growth of BMX culture. Such affiliations often attract media attention, resulting in positive coverage that further elevates the company’s reputation.


I hope I have satisfied your curiosity about the credibility of Source BMX. So, you have no reason to doubt anymore. Thank you for reading.

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