Rad Bike Battery Stuck – Fixed

The most common cause of stuck batteries on Rad Bikes is a corrupted keylock system due to rust or damage. However, the battery can also get stuck when you insert it incorrectly. Lubrication, cleaning, and proper alignment during installation can get you through this issue.

Unlike other bikes, Rad bikes come with in-built battery cages on the frames. While this ensures the battery’s safety in the event of a hit or crash, removing the batteries is challenging. Batteries getting stuck is a common issue discussed in many online e-bike communities, and I’ve had to fix many related problems in my electric bike shop here in Saskatoon.

Last week, I received a peculiar issue where the customer removed the battery for the first time in 3000 miles due to traveling in extreme heat with the bike in her car’s hatchback. She could not figure out how to “slide” the battery back in, as it seemed stuck on a little plastic tab on the way down. She had been to a keymaker before coming to my store.

If this situation sounds familiar or related, you’re dealing with a stuck battery. Luckily, there are not so many areas to look at to fix this issue. It’s often a problem of misalignment of the keylock system or debris obstruction.

In the rest of this article, I’ve explained in great detail the various solutions I deploy for fixing the Rad bike, such as the battery, and how they can work for your situation. As a bonus, I’ll also share some tips on how to prevent this from happening again.

But before then, you have to identify the root cause, as that will determine the kind of approach you need to take to unstuck the battery.

Reasons For A Stuck Rad Bike Battery

There are several causes of a stuck Rad Power bike battery. In my experience, the most common issues diagnosed are misalignment, dirt and debris, corrosion, damaged mounting brackets, and, in some cases, battery swelling. Here’s what I mean:

  1. Misalignment: The battery might get stuck if it is not correctly aligned with the mounting bracket on the bike frame. This can happen due to misplacement or accidental nudging while handling or riding on rough terrain.
  1. Dirt and debris: Accumulating dirt, dust, or debris around the battery and the mounting points can hinder smooth insertion or removal. As a result, the battery gets sucked in, making it difficult to either take it out or lock it in.
  1. The keylock system is rusty or broken. The battery can get stuck when the lock is jammed. The common reason for this is rust. Maybe you’ve been overexposed to bike moisture. If not, the lock is probably damaged inside, making it hard for the key to penetrate.
  1. Battery latch malfunction: The latch mechanism that secures the battery in place might be faulty or damaged, preventing it from releasing the battery when needed. This could be due to wear and tear or rough handling.
  1. Battery swelling: If the battery has experienced excessive heat or charging issues, it might swell, causing it to get stuck in the mounting bracket. However, this is a rare scenario worth considering because, as the battery ages, its overall condition may deteriorate, affecting its fit in the compartment.
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How Do You Remove A Stuck E-Bike Battery?

To resolve the issue of a stuck Rad Power bike battery, you can try the following steps:

  1. Clean the contacts and lubricate: Ensure the contact points on the battery and the mounting bracket are clean and free from debris or corrosion.

With that out of the way, get a rust-release penetrating spray that can clean inside the lock, especially now that the lock is jammed inside. Spray it inside the hole and check if it makes the critical rotation more accessible in the keyhole.

You can use this Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Dry. Some technicians would recommend basic WD40. But, like gun oil, it can have unintended side effects on your bike.

  1. Check for misalignment: Depending on the battery’s position and how stuck it is, you must also realign it correctly with the mounting bracket and ensure it slots smoothly. Check which side the battery got misplaced on and make the adjustments gently. While at it, examine it for any damage or signs of wear.
  1. Avoid extreme temperatures: This is under-discussed, but ensure you store and charge the battery in environments with moderate temperatures to minimize expansion or contraction.

When there’s expansion or contraction, it can cause the battery to have problems during insertion. In connection with this, regularly check the battery for any signs of swelling or age-related issues.

If you have tried these steps and the battery is still stuck, I strongly recommend you find a big electric shop to get a professional intervention. Not a key maker because technicians in the latter may not understand the dynamics of the various e-bike lock mechanisms.

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Ways To Avoid Battery Stuck in a Road Bike

Now that you can remove the battery successfully, the following line of thought should prevent this from happening again. The most crucial step is to install the battery correctly, and then other factors follow:

  • Keep your bike clean, and inspect the battery compartment for any debris or damage that might cause sticking.
  • Remove the battery gently and avoid using excessive force, which can lead to misalignment and sticking.
  • If you notice any signs of sticking, consider applying a small amount of silicone-based lubricant to the battery contacts, but avoid getting any on electrical components.
  • High temperatures can cause components to expand, potentially leading to sticking. Store your e-bike in a cool and dry environment.
  • Ensure that the locking mechanism on the battery compartment functions correctly and is not damaged.
  • If you experience persistent issues with the battery getting stuck, have a professional technician inspect the bike to identify and address any underlying problems.

Still No Dice?

To be honest, even as a technician who has fixed myriads of electrical issues on Rad bikes, getting the battery off this bike can be difficult sometimes.

But I find out that while many owners turn their keys, they fail to put their hand on the battery to feel if the locking mechanism is moving. Do this the next time you try to access the battery.

If you can feel the locking mechanism moving up and down, your battery is probably jammed at an angle. Now that you’re conscious of it, you only need to push up from the battery’s backside.

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Also, it’s not always easy to figure out which side is jammed. It will take some jiggling and pushing. For the lady I helped last week, I had to use a screwdriver behind it to help with leverage.

I hope that the steps I shared above have helped. If not, it’s a sign you must visit a technician. But to prevent this from happening next time, prioritize lubrication with Lock Lubricants and keep the bike away from raindrops or mildew.


How do you remove a stuck e-bike battery?

To remove a stuck eBike battery, turn off and disconnect the bike from the power source. Next, use a rubber mallet or soft hammer to tap the battery. Apply lubricant-like silicone spray around the battery edges, then wiggle and pull the battery firmly to release it from the housing. See a professional technician if the battery remains stuck to avoid damage.

Is the Rad power bike battery removable?

Yes, Rad Power Bikes’ batteries are removable, allowing for easy charging and convenient replacement.

How do you remove a Rad power freewheel?

To remove a Rad Power freewheel, first flip the bike upside down to access the rear wheel. Then remove the wheel from the frame and use a freewheel removal tool to unscrew the freewheel counterclockwise.

Install the new freewheel by threading it clockwise onto the hub. Afterward, you reinstall the wheel and test the bike.

How do you remove an e-bike battery without a key?

To remove an eBike battery without a key, locate the battery housing, usually near the downtube, and look for any release buttons, levers, or screws holding the battery in place.

Use a tool or improvised item to release the locking mechanism and gently slide the battery out. Be cautious not to damage any connectors.

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