Top RadPower Bikes Battery Issues – All Common Issues Solved!

Rad Power Bikes Battery Issues

Common issues with Rad Power Bikes’ batteries include reduced range over time, charging problems, sudden power loss, or the battery meter not working. If you’re facing any of these, ensure the key is on, always store the battery properly when not in use, and avoid extreme temperatures. If issues persist, contact Rad Power Bikes’ customer support for assistance, but regular maintenance and charging practices can extend the battery’s lifespan and performance.

Rad Bike is a popular name in the e-bike community. The company has a different fanbase; when you face issues with your bike, it’s almost always easy to get solutions. However, I realized many riders still don’t have clues on troubleshooting their Rad bikes, especially regarding battery-related issues.

As someone who has escaped a lot of trials, errors, and jubilations from fixing battery issues on the RadCity 5 Plus I bought last July, I decided to write this article, explaining in great detail all the most common Rad Power bike battery issues, their respective causes, and solutions.

I intend to make this article a contribution to the community, and I hope it helps you in the troubleshooting process. If you’re currently facing a head-scratching issue with your bike’s battery, it would likely cut across the vertical of these five problems:

  • The battery meters are not working.
  • The battery pack is swelling.
  • The battery fails to charge.
  • The battery doesn’t run for very long.
  • The battery doesn’t hold a charge.
  • The battery is stuck.

In case you’re in a hurry, here’s a summary of the one-stop solutions to these problems. But I encourage you to read on so you can fully understand the step-by-step troubleshooting process for these issues.

1. the Battery Meters Are Dead Despite Charging.

One of the common problems with Rad Power bike batteries is that the battery meter does not work even when fully charged.

This was mainly my issue five months into using the RadCity 5 Plus. I took the battery off the bike and stored it in my basement. It was fully charged before I kept it, but it was completely dead when I got it out and pressed the battery charge meter on the pack.

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So I charged them for 15 minutes when I got them out. It showed a green LED indicating a full charge, but the battery meters remained dead.

I have realized that the actual cause of the battery meters not being dead despite being charged is that the key isn’t on. The key activates the battery meter.

If this is your issue and you take it to a Rad showroom, they’ll suggest you spend $550 for a replacement that is unnecessary when the solution is as mundane as putting the key on.

2. the Battery Pack Is Swelling.

There have also been cases where Rad Power Bike owners have reported cases of the battery swelling up. While it’s not among the common issues, it’s also a possible fault you can face no matter the Rad Power Bike model.

The Cause 

Many factors can lead to e-bike batteries swelling up, but the predominant ones are when the battery is exposed to extreme temperatures or when there’s an issue with one or more lithium-ion cells.

Rad Power Bike uses a Samsung 35E lithium battery that withstands these conditions, but they can still happen.

The solution

If you notice that your eBike’s battery pack has a bulge, be sure to turn off the power and carefully remove the battery from your bike. It’s a sign that the battery needs replacement.

It can be challenging to be sure of this problem because Rad Power battery packs are positioned inside the bike’s frame. So you have to drop the lower plate and take out the battery pack.

3. the Battery Fails to Charge.

If your battery isn’t charging, you’re not alone. It’s not a strange problem, and the most common culprit is that the charger emits more volts than required, usually over 36 volts. But there are a few other possibilities.

The cause

If the charger has no fault and the battery still fails to charge, check if the battery is hotter than usual. If so, it means more circuit issues are stopping the battery from charging.

But before looking into these technical problems, check if the charger port is full of dirt. Also, consider if you’ve left the battery discharged for several months. If this is true, you’re dealing with a blown fuse issue.


Inspect for a blown fuse in the eBike battery pack or the charger when the battery fails to charge. If the fuse is OK, first ensure the key is on, or investigate the outlet and ensure it’s functional.

4. the Battery Doesn’t Run for Very Long.

According to Rad Power Bike, the batteries in their e-bikes typically last 800 charging cycles, or around five to seven years.

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However, the 48V 13Ah can drive for 2.5 to 3 hours at full throttle for each full charge without stopping. Of course, there’s the factor of motor power to consider.

But the point here is that if your battery isn’t meeting this expectation, you may be dealing with the ‘battery doesn’t run for a very long time problem, especially when you charge it fully.

The cause

If your Rad Power Bike battery loses total capacity too quickly, it could be due to the dragging of a disc brake or your eBike’s wheel bearings freely spinning.

Sometimes, it’s also a result of a short circuit in the battery, wiring, or motor.

The solution

Check for short circuits in the battery, wiring, or motor. If not, scenarios like the dragging of the disc brake or the free spin of the wheel bearings should be investigated.

However, you need to consider your driving conditions before considering technical solutions. eBike batteries tend to drop quickly when you drive on uphill terrain or don’t assist your battery by pedaling.

5. the Battery Doesn’t Hold a Charge.

Lithium-ion batteries are good at holding a charge. However, like any other type of battery, they will slowly discharge over time.

There are many possible causes when this happens, but the most common one is a short circuit or a faulty battery that needs replacement.

The cause

In many situations, when Rad Power Bikes cannot hold a charge, it’s a sign that the component is deteriorating. The chances get higher if you’ve been using the bike for a long time.

The solution

Remove the battery pack and charge it on a bench. Once it’s fully charged, test the battery by leaving it off the bike.

If the battery holds a charge, the problem comes from the bike itself. To investigate the status of the motor or wiring.

If the battery doesn’t hold a charge, the lithium-ion cell is faulty, and you need to replace the battery.

6. Battery Stuck

Because of the battery position on most Rad Bikes, it can be challenging to insert the battery. In the process, it can get stuck. At that point, you may not understand how to “slide” the battery back in, primarily when it’s stuck on a little plastic tab on the way down.

Accumulating dirt, dust, or debris around the battery and the mounting points can hinder smooth insertion or removal. As a result, the battery gets sucked in, making it difficult to either take it out or lock it in.

The cause 

The most common cause of stuck batteries on Rad Bikes is a corrupted keylock system due to rust or damage. However, the battery can also get stuck when you insert it incorrectly.

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The solution

Depending on the battery’s position and how stuck it is, you must also realign it correctly with the mounting bracket and ensure it slots smoothly. Check which side the battery got misplaced on and make the adjustments gently. While at it, examine it for any damage or signs of wear.

Ensure the contact points on the battery and the mounting bracket are clean and free from debris or corrosion. With that out, get a rust-release penetrating spray like the Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Dry that can clean the lock, especially now that the lock is jammed inside.

Spray it inside the hole and check if it makes the critical rotation more accessible in the keyhole.

Concluding Thoughts

Remember, a Rad Power Bike is simply a standard, regular bicycle, except that it has motor assistance. For this motor to work, it needs to rely on the battery.

So when you have a problem with your battery, it renders the bike useless. Fortunately, the above-listed issues are at the center of the common culprits for Rad Power Bike battery defects. We’ve also looked at possible solutions to these problems.

If you aren’t confident in repairing, especially in places where I mentioned you can investigate for short circuits, I recommend you get professional help.

Meanwhile, Rad Power Bike recommends some particular approaches to maximizing your bike’s battery life, especially during the winter when you may put your bike away until spring. Check it out HERE.


How do I reset my Rad Power Bike battery?

To reset your Rad Power Bike battery, follow these steps: 1. Turn off the bike and unplug the battery. 2. Press and hold the power button on the battery for 10–15 seconds. 3. Release the button and wait for a minute. 4. Reconnect the battery, turn the bike on, and complete the reset.

Can Rad e-bike batteries be repaired?

Yes, Rad eBike batteries can be repaired. If you encounter issues like reduced range or charging problems, professional repair services can diagnose and fix the problem. However, allow only authorized technicians to work on your battery so you can maintain its safety and performance.

Is there a fuse on a Rad electric bike?

Yes, Rad electric bikes have a fuse. The fuse serves as a safety measure to guard the bike’s electrical system from overcurrent or short circuit damage. If a fault occurs, the fuse will break, preventing further harm to the bike’s components.

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