RadPower Bikes Speed Hack: Solutions

Rad Power Bikes Speed Hack


Your Rad power bike comes programmed at 20 miles per hour. To increase the speed, hold the up and down buttons, press the mode button once, increase the speed to 25 miles per hour, and press the mode button to lock.

I’ve been a Rad Power Bike owner for over a decade, and while I’m satisfied with the bike overall, the 20-mile-per-hour speed limit can be a little annoying. So, whenever I get a new Rad Power Bike, the first thing I do is increase the speed limit to 25 and enjoy my bike going faster.

In this article, I will give you everything you need to know about Rad Power Bikes speed hack and how to do it safely and effectively.

Tips for Increasing Your Rad Power Bike’s Speed

The default speed limit of 32 kilometers per hour (20 miles per hour) can be slightly limiting. If you’re looking to go faster, there are a few things you can do.

One option is to change the speed limit on your bike’s controller. This is a relatively easy process that can be done with a few simple tools. Once you’ve changed the speed limit, you can go up to 40 kilometers per hour (25 miles per hour).

Another option is to upgrade your bike’s motor. This is a more complex and expensive process, but it will give you a significant increase in speed. With a new motor, you could go up to 50 kilometers per hour (31 miles per hour) or more.

Finally, you can also reduce the air resistance on your bike. This can be done by making sure your tires are properly inflated and by wearing aerodynamic clothing. Reducing air resistance will help you go faster, even if you don’t change the speed limit or upgrade your motor.

If you use a Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6+Rad, a City 5 Plus, or a RadRunner 3+, you can watch this video:

Other Ways to Speed Hack Your Rad Power Bike

From simple adjustments to more technical solutions, here are more ways to speed hack your Rad Power Bike.

RadMission LCD

The stock speed limit for the RadMission is 20 mph, but by following these steps, you can increase it to 25 mph or even higher.

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Step 1: Purchase the LCD Display

The first step is to purchase the LCD. This is a relatively inexpensive upgrade, and it can be purchased directly from Rad Power Bikes.

Step 2: Install the LCD Display

The LCD is easy to install. Simply follow the instructions that come with the display.

Step 3: Change the Speed limit.

Once the LCD is installed, you can change the speed limit by following these steps:

  1. Press and hold the UP and DOWN buttons on the display at the same time.
  2. The display will show a menu of options.
  3. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to scroll down to the Speed Limit option.
  4. Press the SELECT button to enter the speed limit setting.
  5. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to increase or decrease the speed limit.
  6. Press the SELECT button to save the new speed limit.

Reprogram the speedometer.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reprogram the speedometer:

Step 1: Access the Controller Box

Start by locating the controller box on your Rad Power Bike. It’s usually located near the battery or motor. Carefully open the box to gain access to the internal components.

Step 2: Find the White wire.

Inside the controller box, look for a white wire. This wire controls the bike’s speed and can be modified to achieve a higher top speed.

Step 3: Cut and Splice the wire.

Using wire cutters, carefully cut the white wire. Don’t worry; you’ll be able to reconnect later. Next, take the two ends of the cut wire and splice them together using electrical tape. This step bypasses the speed limit set by the manufacturer.

Step 4: Test the Modified Bike

Now that you’ve completed the modification, it’s time to test your Rad Power Bike. Turn it on and take a ride for a few minutes to check if the speedometer reflects the increased speed.

After trying out this speed hack on my bike, I was thrilled to see that I could now reach 20 mph! It was a simple and effective way to get more performance from my Rad Power Bike without negatively affecting its overall functionality.

Performing the Controller

The controller plays a crucial role as the “brain” of your Rad Power Bike, regulating the motor’s power output. By hacking the controller, you instruct it to allow higher speeds. Though the process may require some technical knowledge, it’s relatively straightforward. To get started, gather the necessary tools: a screwdriver, a hex wrench, and a computer with a USB cable.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perform the controller hack and speed up your Rad Power Bike:

  1. Disconnect the bike’s battery and open the controller cover to access its settings.
  2. Look for the “MSpd” or “Max Speed” label in the controller’s settings, which determines the current maximum speed limit of the bike.
  3. Modify the maximum speed setting. By default, it’s typically set at 20 mph. Increase the speed by changing this setting to 25 mph or higher.
  4. Save the new settings in the controller.
  5. Reconnect the bike’s battery.
  6. Take your bike for a test ride with the battery reconnected. If the hack was successful, you should now be able to reach the new top speed of 25 mph (or potentially even higher, depending on your bike’s model).
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Upgrading the Motor

If you want to increase your speed and increase your top speed by 10 mph or so, upgrading the motor will be necessary. While there are various methods available for this, one effective strategy would be to install a 1000-watt Bafang motor. I chose this particular upgrade because of its significant improvement over my old stock motor. It has helped increase top speed by around 7 mph!

At first, the installation process seemed daunting but ultimately straightforward. There are plenty of tutorials online, and I completed them all within an hour.

Here is how you can increase the speed of your Rad Power Bike through motor upgrades:

  1. First and foremost, select an appropriate motor. With various motor options on the market today, research should be performed to find one compatible with your bike and fulfilling its requirements.
  2. After selecting your motor, the next step will be its installation. While this might initially sound daunting, numerous online tutorials can assist with this task.
  3. Once the motor has been installed, its calibration must be adjusted. The process varies depending on its model; however, usually, it’s quite straightforward.
  4. Once your motor has been calibrated, take your bike out for a spin to try its newfound speed! Enjoy your newly discovered speed!

Installing a Larger Battery

A higher-voltage battery allows the motor to draw more power, resulting in a faster top speed.

Here are more details about how a larger battery can enhance the speed of your Rad Power Bike:

  1. Battery voltage is measured in volts; a higher voltage means greater power storage capacity.
  2. Motors on e-bikes are designed to handle specific voltage levels; by installing batteries with higher voltage levels, however, their motor can draw additional power, giving it the capacity to propel wheels faster at higher top speeds and increase overall top speed.

But it is also essential to consider the potential drawbacks of installing a larger battery. First and foremost, adding weight could limit its overall range; secondly, larger batteries generally incur greater expenses than their smaller counterparts.

Tips for Staying Safe When Riding a Faster E-Bike

  1. When riding faster, you have less time to react to hazards. Ensure you’re always scanning the road ahead and paying attention to other traffic.
  2. A helmet is essential, but you should also wear other protective gear like gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads.
  3. Signal your turns and lane changes well in advance. This will help other drivers know what you’re doing and give them time to react.
  4. Don’t drink and ride. Alcohol impairs your judgment and reaction time, which can be dangerous when riding at higher speeds.
  5. If you need to get used to riding at higher speeds, gradually increase your speed. This will give you time to get used to the handling of your e-bike and how it feels at different speeds.
  6. Once you’ve upgraded your brakes and chosen the right e-bike, find a safe place to practice riding at higher speeds. This will help you get used to the handling of your e-bike and how it feels at different speeds.
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Is It Legal?

As a Rad Power Bike owner, you may be wondering if it’s legal to speed hack your bike. The answer is: it depends.

In the United States, the legal limit for electric bikes is 20 mph. If you speed-hack your Rad Power Bike to go faster than 20 mph, you could be breaking the law. The specific laws regarding electric bicycles vary from state to state, so it’s important to check with your local authorities to see the rules in your area.

In addition to the legal risks, there are also safety risks associated with speed hacking your Rad Power Bike. Riding at high speeds can make it more difficult to control your bike, making you more likely to be involved in an accident. You could also damage your bike if you speed-hack it too aggressively.

Here are some things you need to know about the laws regarding speed-hacking electric bicycles in the United States:

  • The federal government does not have a specific law governing electric bicycles. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has set a standard that all electric bicycles must meet. This standard includes a maximum speed of 20 mph.
  • Many states have laws governing electric bikes. These laws can vary from state to state, but most states have a maximum speed limit of 20 mph for electric bikes.
  • If you speed-hack your Rad Power Bike to go faster than 20 mph, you could be breaking the law in your state. Check with your local authorities to see what the rules are in your area.


Rad Power Bikes speed hacks are simple modifications that can substantially boost the performance of any bike, yet they should only be attempted if properly researched before doing so. While doing this may increase performance, be aware of any potential risks before embarking on such an endeavor; they could void warranties and cause issues with your ride, as well as significantly increase speeds when riding at high speeds. Safety is always of utmost importance when riding at higher speeds. Make sure you wear protective gear, such as helmets, while being aware of your surroundings at all times while riding at fast speeds!

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